My creative flow is fueled by the natural beauty of the ocean and my passion to protect our shared waters.



About Bems

Born in Managua, Nicaragua, Bems began studying art while living in San Diego, California. After school she was awarded a paid scholarship to study commercial advertising art, influencing much of her work in marketing today. During this time she received both the United States Achievement Academy Award in the field of Art and the Bank of America Achievement award.

Today, Bems combines her love for fine art, with her career in marketing. She has designed logos and advertising concepts for companies including No Fear, 8 Ball-Snowboard, Church’s Chicken, Shorbreak.

Her passion for painting is driven by a strong admiration and respect of our shared ocean. Working primarily in impressionism, Bem’s ocean art is full of rich colors and movement. Through her art, Bems aims to spread awareness of ocean conservation to protect our shared waters, while inspiring others to tap into their creativity.



What Motivates And Inspires Me

I specialize in ocean and marine life paintings, illustration and design as a professional artist and art educator. I often partner with local businesses and nonprofit organizations to bolster awareness of conservation efforts that protect marine life and our ocean. My art speaks with vibrant colors, boldness strokes, and impressionistic illustrative designs that I paint on large scale murals, fine-art, and home décor.

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