Artist Statement

Artist Statement

My motivation to paint is largely credited to the inspiration I get from observing the world around me. Our world is in constant transformation and as we take in the world around us, it transforms us in return, giving us a sense of identity and purpose as we move through it. Painting gives me a source of freedom to share my lived experiences and express my lifetime love of the ocean and all the beings who call the ocean home— myself included.

When I am creating I aim to capture how the subject matter makes me feel, and invite the viewer into this feeling with their own infinite curiosity. It’s like diving beneath the surface of the ocean and feeling all that the experience has to offer— the water on my skin, the marine life saying hello as they pass by, the vastness of the space around me. My paintings create something that feels so real, that much like being underwater, there is abundant space to explore. 

The painting process involves its own transformation of color composition, through which the subject matter can materialize, and the concept can be understood. Shape and color create harmony through a combination of brush strokes, texture, and expressed emotion. 

I use a combination of different tools and applications during the creating process to arrive at the final result. I drip, scrub, splash, use a palette knife, rub my fingers, and scrape acrylic paint as I create. This experience feels to me like a physical reflection of my own mind— maneuvering through emotions, feelings and concepts that I am working to convey onto the canvas. Each painting is a unique personal expression, and I invite those that view it to see it with their own personal experience and interpretation. When the painting is finished, my emotions are laid out on the canvas before me, and in turn, it breathes a sense of fulfillment back to me.

Producing ocean art in partnership with non-profit organizations has given me the opportunity to share my love for the ocean with so many different communities. I especially love to showcase my marine art in public spaces through murals and gallery exhibitions. Ocean conservation will always remain the catapult of my artistic life. My goal is to raise awareness around the delicate balance between enjoying our world and the need to protect it. 

Recent world circumstances have awakened my desire to dig into deep introspection. I’m drawn to creating awareness about the power of artistic expression, so that others can use it as a tool to express gratitude and find sanctuary even during tumultuous times. 

I hope that my paintings can help validate the experiences many people feel when they fear the unknown. I hope to offer them courage to find joy in the present moment and continue to carry on. I recently received community support for this cause by the San Diego County Chief Medical Officer at the Art Exhibition Pandemic Times. I am honored to be awarded Best in Show for my work entitled Gratitude and First Place for Deep in Thought.

Moving forward my desire is to perpetuate a sense of belonging for all members of our artistic community. I wish to spread my love of the arts, and my love for the ocean, while inspiring others to find their own creative expression. Although we are living in an atmosphere of uncertainty, channeling my creativity helps me find joy in the present moment and gives me motivation to continue creating heartfelt paintings that I can share with others.

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